Letters to the Editor

James Madison had foresight

Most people in the United States would think it ludicrous to imagine our federal government trying to seize unconstitutional power and dominate people. James Madison did not think it was so farfetched; he said, “Enlightened statesman will not always be at the helm.” He could foresee a day in America when radicals might assume power and try to impose upon America a different system of government.

His hope was that the establishment of a different way would be difficult because American citizens, having the right to keep and bear arms would rebel.

The framers believed that an armed citizenry was necessary for maintaining democracy.

American citizens have been armed for hundreds of years and have been free for hundreds of years.

On the other hand citizens of China, Uganda, Cuba, Cambodia and Germany lost all freedoms once the people were disarmed by tyrants.

Jack Schrand, Belleville