Letters to the Editor

What Obama haters believe

Hopefully, the sensible citizens aren’t swayed by the rabble-rousing writers who would still hate President Obama if he destroyed ISIL and found a cure for cancer. These narrow-minded Obama-haters:

▪  Deny immigrants entrance to the USA, even though most of their own ancestors came here to escape poverty, or religious persecution.

▪  Label wayward black children as thugs, and bash their parents for not having properly reared them, but label wayward white children as mentally unbalanced, and nothing is ever mentioned about how white parents reared the youthful mass murderers; the youth who killed nine black people at a South Carolina church, and the gangs of motorcyclists who went on a killing spree in Texas?

▪  Desire to be feared by the people of the world like bullies, rather than desire to be respected.

▪  Believe falsified polls stating the majority of Americans are for their children going to fight ISIL.

▪  Support presidential candidates who’d carpet bomb villages of innocent people; yet too naive to believe there wouldn’t eventually be retaliation.

▪  Claim President Obama can’t change water into wine, yet they expect to be saved if the boogeyman comes for revenge.

▪  Expect Muslims to expose Muslims who berate the way their kinship is bombed. Isn’t it human nature to be angry when your people are being killed?

▪  Sanctions the removal of Palestinians from their land to live behind a wall, just as the native Americans were removed from their lands.

The portrait of a narrow-minded letter writer.

Frankie Seaberry, Centreville