Letters to the Editor

Next up: ‘Climate change’

It appears that Joseph Reichert has recovered from his last childish, snot-nosed, snit when he was trying to insult me by looking up my full name in the telephone book.

Now he comes with the politically charged term “climate change.”

His vapid argument over this term barely rises to a response. The liberal political party (you know who) uses the term “climate change” to scare people. This, after discarding “global warming” to scare the populace to join their political camp, primarily liberalism (oh, I forgot they changed that to progressive after their first label they placed on themselves fell out of disfavor).

Now as to real climate change: It has been going on for centuries, millennia back in time. In recorded history there have been periods when the earth is warmer and then cooler. We had two “little ice ages.” We know from scientific research that there have been gigantic ice ages and times when the whole world was like equatorial areas that stayed pretty constantly warm.

Just in my lifetime there have been three times of decades of hotter times and three times of cooler decades. Yes, there is real climate change but I place no political correctness on this assertion.

I am sick and tired of the insipidity of those like Reichert.

I am proud of my first name, Reichert, at least I wasn’t named after Stalin.

H. Ray Sigler, Highland