Letters to the Editor

Two cases where children weren’t given a choice

December 2012 was an unfortunate anniversary in the state of Connecticut. During that month a mentally unbalanced person grabbed several bullet-based weapons and murdered 22 children plus several adults at Sandy Hook Elementary School. In January 2013 as a response, there was a flurry of political activity in the Nebraska based media and our D.C. based politicians to ban or greatly limit the gun supply. That same Nebraska media informed us that in 2012 alone, one million children were aborted (essentially murdered).

In both cases, those children were not given the “choice” to continue with their lives. Their life’s “choice” decisions were made by others.

By deeds and actions, the media and D.C. politicians have taught us that murdering children is not illegal; the “method” determines the legality. Murder with a bullet is illegal; with a scalpel and scrapper it is legal. Or do we need a national moral discussion? Do we know what that is anymore? Has every desire and want become an unwritten constitutional right? Will our politicians block this discussion since they need the votes from interest groups to stay in power?

Ray Catlett, Collinsville