Letters to the Editor

Stand up for America

Obama can’t govern the United States when he is divided between ISIS, the Muslim law and the American law. Obama, we don’t need an ISIS strategy.

This country was a democracy and that is being denied us, the citizens. Stand up against this corruption and be counted. We are responsible not to be used and denied the Christian beliefs. A democracy is not allowed under corrupt laws. The people have no rights. It is up to us to keep a voice in our government. Stand by the laws of government. Government is not Obama.

Hitler took over the European countries, a total tyrant. He refused the rights of the people. His remembrance was bombed. His reward. Obama doesn’t need to use our resources to have his way, Our cash flow is used for the takeover of our government.

The common people make a country — faith, work and freedom build a country. It is not done by a stroke of the pen. That pen wasn’t made to take our rights. A president is in that office to serve the people. He is lacking in the wisdom and knowledge to qualify. We have laws for America. Don’t need Muslim laws. Remove that from America. Keep America, it is our country.

Betty Storll, Edwardsville