Letters to the Editor

Vote and make real change

I believe we have lost control of our government and our country and we have only ourselves to blame. We have to recognize that we do not have a true democracy. We have a republican democracy — the people do not cast the deciding votes on major issues. What makes us a republic is that we elect selected citizens to understand what we want, and they cast the votes in our behalf. And that has become a fatal flaw.

Because so many of us enjoy many of the decisions our representatives make, which allows us relative freedom to do as we wish in terms of our way of life, too many of us simply don’t vote. Those who do are frequently indebted to one party or the other, and sometimes entire organizations, such as labor unions and special interests to keep their wishes in front of our legislators with paid lobbyists so that our complaints and issues get lost.

Our only real chance for “change” is to vote in every election. Start with the school boards. Most of us don’t even know who is on our school board. Then move to city, county and state representatives. Finally, the presidential office, which is the only office which represents the entire country.

It is really important to make voting important. If you can’t make time to know who represents you and vote accordingly, we are as lost as a European country.

Joseph M. Reichert, Belleville