Letters to the Editor

Where are the true Christians?

If there really are true Christians in this country besides the Rev. Billy Graham, I’d like to meet them. I’m at the point where I’m beginning to hate humanity and Jim Walters you’re at the top of my list.

Here I am in dire need of help and nobody gives a damn. I’ll be 61 in March, single, disabled, no children and dang near semi-crippled. And as a homeowner I guess that makes me less important than others.

I don’t get to enjoy a good hot meal on the major holidays because they’re at the end of the month. I wrote to Steve Savard at Channel 4 News about my situation and got no reply. So much for the gift of giving around Christmas.

Jan. 6, Ameren had to shut my gas off and disconnect the gas meter due to a leak in the pipe somewhere under my house and I don’t have money to pay to have it fixed.

I can’t cook or shower due to no hot water and the housing and rehab department of the St. Clair County Intergovernmental Grants Department won’t return my calls due to this emergency.

I don’t have a car now and neighbors won’t volunteer to help me out in any way. Oh yeah, welcome to the “Gift of Giving” from mankind. Kiss by behind.

Harold Griffin, Belleville