Letters to the Editor

Make your point, don’t disparage

A letter writer from Cahokia, who sometimes I agree with, made pejorative comments about Rodger and Dallas Cook. Yes, I do refer to Mark Kern as “King Kern” but I have never called him a loser, far from it, he’s been very successful being a power broker in this county. The writer lambasted Dallas Cook for running as a ghost Republican. Of course for years we’ve had the Good Government Party in Belleville which is actually Democrats, so what about that? Actually, Rodger did win elected office as did Dallas, so if they are losers, it’s news to me.

Being elected to a political office takes a lot of time and energy and I hardly consider them losers. Rodger is very sincere and has campaigned hard in East St. Louis, Alorton and Centreville, hardly easy places to campaign, and yes has quite a few folks in Cahokia supporting him. Dallas waged a fair challenge against the three judges who are trying to play tricks on the electorate by not running for retention. In addition, a specious lawsuit was filed against him as retaliation in trying to do his job as the city clerk. I’d say he’s a pretty brave young man who is trying to look out for us.

It’s fair to criticize public servants, but it’s better to convince others of your viewpoint without disparaging comments.

Phil Henning, Smithton