Letters to the Editor

Face the facts, don’t believe the fiction

Sadly, fallacy appears to have become a major instrument of modern conservatism. In these pages, utter fiction too often is treated as fact. Differences of opinion are healthy for democracy, but willfully choosing to deny reality interferes with any exchange of ideas. Wild and reckless claims often fly in the face of indisputable truth.

Some facts:

▪  Many free and democratic nations have socialistic economies. Capitalism is a financial system that has nothing to do with liberties or democracy.

▪ The Constitution isn’t scripture. It was designed to be updated, and has been amended several times. Had it not, women still couldn’t vote and slavery would still be legal.

▪  Climate change is real, a clear danger to mankind, and is caused by human activity.

▪  Fear-mongering during WWII over “spies,” prevented thousands of Jewish European refugees from immigrating to America, leaving them at the mercy of Hitler.

▪  Barack Obama was born a U.S. Citizen, isn’t Muslim, and was raised by his white mother and grandparents.

▪  In recent years, immigrants returning to Mexico actually have numbered about the same as those entering.

▪  America isn’t a “Christian” nation and constitutionally, was never intended to be influenced by any religion.

▪  More guns haven’t made our nation safer, just made people more vulnerable to fear, terror, and mass violence.

We’ve seen before what can happen when a group is willing to abandon fact for political purposes. Reasonable people need to speak truth to counter the peddlers of fear and ignorance.

Kevin J. Gagen, Belleville