Letters to the Editor

Climate change: The perfect global boogeyman

To the Sound-Off writer decrying climate change deniers, put me down as Denier #1. I deny climate change is a man-made phenomenon. I deny it three times; I’m sure you appreciate the reference.

My fraud alarm went off when it morphed from “global cooling” to “global warming” to “climate change” in 40 years. When “crisis” was attached to it, I couldn’t turn the alarm off. Paraphrasing journalist H.L. Mencken, crises are what politicians bombard the public with so they will scream to be led to safety, all of them imagined. A quick look back at the health care “crisis” is timely tutorial of how this works and what results from it.

Whoever came up with “climate change” was brilliant, though. They found the Holy Grail of liberal politics, the perfect global boogeyman. Who could be against solving a critical global problem and it requires no more proof than unseasonal or unusual weather? Blame it all on man, convince enough voters, and you’ve got a green light to pursue your legislative and social heart’s desires.

You don’t want to be crossing that street though, when it does turn green. Google Harry Reid and subsidies for Nevada Green Energy to see how fast they’ll hit the gas. Friends, family and supporters are all lined up eating millions at the green government trough. I’m sure both parties feed the same way. Weather changes all the time but not political weather; it’s always one false crisis storm front after another.

Paul Zabbo, Shiloh