Letters to the Editor

Some property owners want to detach

As many are aware of the corruption, nepotism and cronyism that has plagued East St. Louis School District 189 for decades, the ISBE has given the school board and the district too many opportunities to educate the students with positive results. To put it quite simply, they have failed for decades. There are over 1,500 property owners in Belleville, Caseyville and Fairview Heights that are currently in District 189. We in Fairview Heights have opted once again to attempt detachment.

The Detach 189 Committee’s mission is as follows: Inform our residents about our detachment process, collect signatures of registered voters, collect and raise finances for litigation, inform the general public of District 189s dishonest and illegal activities through social media with an end result of detachment.

There are approximately 457 properties in Fairview Heights that belong to the taxing district of 189. Our latest figures of our student population attending District 189 is 29 families with a total of 44 students. If a child’s education is the ultimate goal and the entire focus of the educational system logic would dictate that failing district officials would allow detachment of entire communities. But it’s not about educating children with 189, it’s about tax revenue and propping up a dysfunctional and at times a corrupt administration. Anyone interested in detachment should attend our meeting and explore their options.

Kevin Sheridan, Fairview Heights