Letters to the Editor

Reading about Bruce Canty

After reading the latest article by Tobias Wall about Caseyville Township Supervisor Bruce Canty, I’m wondering why bother. Same old accusations, no new information.

When first elected two years ago a trustee accused Supervisor Canty of “cooking the books.” Same pattern as now ... constant accusations, turmoil at board meetings, articles in this newspaper, followed by a special audit (attended by witnesses) that found nothing wrong with the books. Now the allegations are erased hard drives from the same trustee.

If this continues without ever having proof, I have to conclude this is not about wrongdoing, but is about muddying someone’s name.

I have been told Brad VanHoose had the same problem with the Caseyville Mayor as he does with Supervisor Canty. Apparently, the reasons are personal in nature, but VanHoose chooses political finger pointing for more attention.

Also, Mr. VanHoose does not live in Caseyville Township as the report stated in his article. VanHoose lives in Belleville; at least that’s how he signed his letter to the editor complaining about Bob Romanik.

VanHoose’s letter states he’s concerned about a circus atmosphere around Bob Romanik. He should worry more about the circus he’s creating with his signs at the Caseyville Township building.

Bev Mattison, Fairview Heights