Letters to the Editor

Obama moves to close loopholes, save lives

Ninety percent of Americans, including a majority of gun owners, believe that keeping guns out of the hands of convicted felons and mentally unstable people is the right thing to do. But your editorial of Jan. 6 disagrees.

President Obama is using his executive authority to close loopholes which allow firearms to be sold to felons at gun shows and on the internet without a background check.

You argue that Obama’s actions probably would not have stopped the tragedies at Sandy Hook and San Bernardino, but you ignore the fact that over the years more than two million clueless convicted felons and other prohibited buyers have been stopped from purchasing firearms with background checks.

No single proposal or law will stop the 30,000 gun deaths in America each year or the mass shootings and tragedies we face every week. But making it tougher on convicted felons and the mentally unstable to buy guns will not hurt a single law-abiding reader of your paper and it may save innocent lives.

Dick Durbin, United States Senator