Letters to the Editor

01-18-16 Sound-Off: MetroLink safety, the Powerball, county corruption

Our readers react to the week’s news:

Pepper spray is for defense only

So what if you used the Sabre Defense Pepper Spray in trying to stop a robbery or other violent issues on the MetroLink and the car was somewhat saturated with a mist that got into other passengers’ eyes? You have at least tried to stop the crime. However, remember, it’s “For Self-Defense Only” — any other purpose is illegal under the law.

Government needs a Powerball jackpot

You‘d think when the Powerball topped $1 billion that the government would invest in tickets to win that to help pay off the deficit.

What will they think of St. Clair County?

Very interesting with this NGA West at Scott Air Force Base, wonder what the government will think about the corruption in St. Clair County? Be interesting to know if we will get it, and to know why or why not, the corruption is wide spared, look at the stupid airport. Same situation.

They labeled me a terrorist

This country is in serious trouble. I’m 72 years old and belong to the NRA. I haven’t hunted or shot a gun in 40 years, yet I am labeled as terrorist. I own a 16 gauge shotgun and a 22 rifle, they are one hundred years old. As the president releases all the names on the NRA membership, I expect the police will storm my house, along with other members, arrest us and send us to a prison camp in Arizona. The crooks will have our addresses and take our guns. The real terrorists are Obama, Hillary, Blumberg, Durbin, and Pelosi and the attorney general.

Climate change is coming

Climate change is here. Millions of people are having their homeland destroyed, are subject to famine, and are starving to death. Whatever is causing it, get ready because they are coming here.

Too much for a pet

Just came from the Pets Market in Glen Carbon where they had a dog adoption going on and they want $225 to adopt a dog. Which seemed high. They say that is how much money they have in their shots, spay and neuter everything. But everything going to an animal shelter is given to them: free food, volunteer help, and people who donate money. The shop keeper acted like the money was coming out of their pocket. All of the money spent on these dogs was money they used that was donated to them. A normal person can’t go in there and spend $225 on an animal.

Trump uses American company for his hats

Someone called in about Donald Trump hats made in China. Do your Google, and you would find that his official campaign hats are made in Southern California, in a company called Cali-Fame, owned by two white brothers and 90 percent of their employees are Latinos. The majority immigrants to this county. Get your info straight from the source before making comments about any other candidate.

Run them off, take it over

Interesting that Illinois could lose a congressional seat. Why? Because people are leaving this state. The congressional seats are based upon population. The population is dwindling because businesses and people are moving out. They have destroyed the pension system, jobs, and run big business out of town, which could have provided jobs. They have done everything just like the Democrats in Washington and this traitor in the White House, they are trying to take it over.

Story missed a political connection

An article by Kathleen Ronayne of the AP about Planned Parenthood backing Clinton is interesting — it talks about why they are backing her. It leaves out the fact that the daughter of Planned Parenthood’s president, Cecil Richards, just happens to work for Hillary Clinton. How interesting that would be left out.

The country’s in trouble, needs leadership

People need to look at our country. Our economy is the pits, it’s the worst since the Nixon years, as close as the years during the Great Depression. Many people still out of work, unemployment rate still high, wages stagnant. Health insurance has gone belly up. The housing market is still as bad has it’s been for the last 10 years. Terrorism and immigration are huge problems. We need to vote for someone who can turn the country around.

Check on your pets during cold weather

With the cold weather here I would like to urge all those who have pets outside please check to make sure they are warm and comfortable. They can suffer too.

Thanks for a great start to new year

It was a real nice surprise to see my Ameren power bill go up $70 this month, (NOT!) due to a rate increase of both electric and gas. A letter on the increase would have been appreciated, thanks Ameren for starting my new year off on a great note!

Vote or you won’t have a state

The Democrats in Illinois don’t want the governor to create business laws that would help create jobs and income tax revenue and sales tax revenue. He wants term limits, what is wrong with that? All the governor wants to do in fighting the crooked Democrats in Springfield, who come from St. Clair County and Cook County primarily, is fight to get the state back on track and stop businesses from leaving, stop residents from leaving who don’t pay their income tax to the state. Get them out of office or you won’t have a state.

School positions are overpriced

Belleville School District 201 filled two new positions at a salary of $97,000 each and their title is “coordinator.” That is ridiculous, in the private sector a coordinator job would pay about $50,000 at most. They are draining our taxpayers.

Romanik’s friend did the same thing

I find it hypocritical of Bob Romanik to criticize the St. Clair County judges who decided to run for their judgeship in lieu of seeking retention. When his friend Judge Lloyd Cueto did effectively the same thing some years ago. Is this the way Mr. Romanik will make decisions if he is elected to office?

Check on Cahokia hirings

I appreciate your article about nepotism in the paper, about District 189, however; there is a lot of that going on in Dist. 187 with the McCall’s. Do a breakdown of all the people that Mayor McCall hired in the Cahokia School District as well.

Support American steel

I support steel made in America. Foreign steel is cheap, if Americans went their building falling down, then buy foreign.

What’s happening in Lebanon?

What is going on in Lebanon, four business closed in our downtown area? And more houses for sale than ever before. Is it because our mayor and City Council are constantly raising taxes to satisfy their excessive spending? Or is it because the mayor and the planning commission have allowed our once unique historical district to become ancient history itself? Or is it because we have more bars than antique shops? Government officials better wake up before we become a ghost town.