Letters to the Editor

Put Rams behind us, let’s work on future

While it would have been nice to have a new stadium to revitalize the St. Louis riverfront, keeping the Rams was not a good deal for St. Louis. According to reports of the team owners’ meetings, NFL Commissioner Goodell and especially Jerry Jones, owner of the Dallas Cowboys, never intended to support our bid to keep the team. In fact they voted $300 million, $100 million over their limit to support the San Diego Chargers, yet told St. Louis the NFL would only fund $200 million.

I travel to Los Angeles a lot and I predict the Rams will not have the supportive fan base they had here in a much smaller city. Their culture is more Latino which supports soccer plus Inglewood is really not all that great a place (all flights into LAX fly right over the city). Traffic is terrible and I just don’t see all that many fans driving to the stadium.

It is now time for our regional leadership to focus on making St Louis a great city. There are good news stories already such as the Cortex district, IKEA, renovation of older downtown buildings for apartments and so let’s forget the Rams. There is always the Oakland Raiders as they play in a miserable stadium south of Oakland as they too were left out of the equation. Maybe we can get them here in two years.

Phil Henning, Smithton