Letters to the Editor

Americans need to reaffirm our forefathers

Barack Obama’s latest assault upon our right to bear arms is an unlawful outrage. Obama continues to usurp Congress’ authority because he claims to have “a phone and a pen.” It is unfortunate Congress will not unplug his phone and take his pen, but in the grand scheme of things congressional cowardice is only a minor irritant.

The Bill of Rights was crafted by men of enormous intellectual brilliance. It was included within the constitutional framework of our democracy not only to guarantee various rights, but to also assure the vibrant and timeless continuation of this great nation through strength and self-reliance. The Founding Fathers clearly understood the 2nd Amendment’s armed citizenry would produce the national strength and self-reliance they sought to achieve.

Second Amendment restrictions, such as those imposed by Obama’s executive orders, diminish our capacity to remain strong and self-reliant. Furthermore, these executive orders are both an affront to the rule of law and an insidious effort to destroy the standards and principles upon which this nation was founded.

In the short-term, Obama truly does wish to disarm Americans; in the long-term, he actually seeks to destroy the self-reliant spirit which has made this nation great. Americans must once again acknowledge the wisdom of our forefathers and the supreme importance they ascribed to the 2nd Amendment.

To the extent Obama wants to reshape the spirit of this nation to conform to his own perverse ideologies, he is truly an enemy of the state.

Chris Tabing, Coulterville