Letters to the Editor

Give ’em hell, Donald

When I see or hear Donald Trump on the TV or radio he reminds me of ol’, “Give ‘em hell, Harry”, Harry Truman. If Truman were president today, you can bet that there would be no political correctness in Washington or anywhere else. I remember when, during World War II, the railroad workers threatened to go on strike (during wartime, no less). Truman told the union that if they went on strike, he would draft all of them into the Army and send them back to their jobs at the wages of a Private. Needless to say, they went back to work.

Trump also reminds me of Theodore Roosevelt. Ted was respected by left, right, and around the world. Teddy wanted to send the U.S. Navy around the world as a show of our sea power. Congress rejected his proposal. Ted had enough money to send the Navy half way around the world, which he did. He then told Congress to fork over the other half of the funds to get their Navy back.

Jim Bonnevier, Belleville