Letters to the Editor

Proud of my name

Joseph Reichert is in a childish, snot-nose snit over my critiques of his letters. He implies things about the greatest president of the 20th century, Ronald Reagan. He is upset Reagan ended the cold war and the fall of his favorite nation, the USSR, by the simple proposal to install a missile defense in Europe.

He begins his snit by calling me Hubert. I am very proud of my name. I was named for my homosexual cousin (watch out Joseph you may be accused of being a homophobe, a favorite word). My mother thought that cousin Hubert was such a nice well kept young man; did his own ironing, helped with the dishes, etc.

I was known as Hubert many years of my life or Sig to my closest friends nearly 20 years in the Air Force. Many from my early life still call me Hube or Hubert. My grandfather called me little Hubie. My brother’s children called me Hube the Cube and I thought it was funny.

When I returned from Korea in the 1950s to a base near Austin, Texas, my first boss asked what most people called me (other than airman) and I said Sig or Hubert. He asked what my middle name was and I told him it was Ray and I have been known by that name for well over 50 years. I sign my name Ray Sigler most of the time, sometimes H. Ray, sometimes Hubert Ray.

H. Ray Sigler, Highland