Letters to the Editor

Fossil fuel industry and global warming

In response to John Schrand’s letter complaining that the president is spending too much on global warming. Well if you knew that the taxpayers pay the fossil fuel industry some $15 billion a year in subsidies, and that they have lied to the public since the ’70s when their own scientists told their execs that, “Yes, global warming is a result of burning fossil fuels and that we cannot continue on this path without serious consequences to the planet.” With that fact alone the fossil fuel industries like Exxon/Mobil, Koch Industries and others “lie to us,” should be enough to sway your opinion and admit we have a problem. The United Nations vote at COP 21 assures us that the countries that signed that agreement are going to support the deal brokered by our president.

In closing I would tell you to just look at what kind of weather we have had. Recently, some 7 inches of rain in three days. In Texas people have been killed by tornadoes in a category ETF4. Then, in New Mexico, 2 feet of snow, while in the East record-high temperatures!

Richard L. Wosylus, Smithton