Letters to the Editor

Durbin, Obama miss the point

Dick Durbin praised President Obama’s claims use of presidential decree solving gun violence. Yet they admit none of his actions would stop a single mass murder.

Durbin and Obama quoted criminals buying guns directly from the Internet. You can buy a gun from the Internet, but it must be shipped to your local Federal Firearms License dealer who runs the required federal background check and legal waiting time before giving you the firearm. Quite different from their claims.

Next the gun show loophole must be closed. It is already against the law to sell a firearm to minors or criminals. They never have explained how all the illegal people are supposedly purchasing firearms there. Most people who are not allowed own a firearm buy from the street or steal them. The favored way is to get someone who can buy a gun legally, get it from them, aka girlfriend or someone doing it for money.

Now Durbin’s claims on background checks. They already are a federal law. What we have is 20,000 gun laws on the books. The problem is getting them enforced. You read all the time in the Belleville paper, felon caught with guns and/or ammunition. Laws says 10 years in prison, but they get probation or parole extended. How to stop nut cases from mass killing. Well Japan outlawed guns, so they use swords, or machetes or knives in Great Britain. Now the new most favored way to kill the most is bombs.

Bob Dagner, Millstadt