Letters to the Editor

Recordings and meetings

When citizens and a trustee were removed from board meetings for trying to speak during the time allowed for public comments, the Belleville News-Democrat couldn’t wait to post my video. They even went so far as to print Trustee Radford’s statement that we were a small fraction of people in Cahokia that didn’t like the fact that we have a black mayor. I sent them the Attorney General’s determination, and got a phone call from them asking how I felt about the determination. I told her I was very happy with the determination, my only concern was if the mayor would abide by it. Guess what she asked me? “Is this just because there is a small fraction of people that don’t like having a black mayor?” I replied, absolutely not! That since I have been recording meetings, there had not been one person that told me they did not like the mayor because he was black. She told me the story would be published later that day or the next day. That was Tuesday, Jan. 12. It’s Friday, Jan. 15. I guess if it’s not about race, it’s not worth printing the story in the BND.

Kim Diers, Cahokia