Letters to the Editor

Here’s an idea

I have had many letters printed in the BND over the past 13 years and I greatly appreciate it. I have tried to limit my letters to one or two per month. Recently, there has been a rash of letters from the same people. No one wants to see letters from the same people over and over. I have kept a record of letters appearing in the BND from mid-November to mid-December.

Following is a list of letter writers followed by the number of letters printed in a time period: Brent Rains 11 in 29 days; John Schrand 8 in 21 days; Lee Pitzer 4 in 18 days; Phil Henning 4 in 17 days; Roddy Riggs 3 in 5 days.

That amounts to 30 letters from 5 conservatives in 29 days. It’s ridiculous. I would like to see the BND limit the number per month. I could write a letter every day answering the nonsense that comes from conservatives who were smart enough to give us the Bush disaster.

Writer, Lori Felts, should just stop embarrassing herself, with her childish letters. Please!

Gene Robke, Carlyle