Letters to the Editor

Care about business success if you want a job

Since the inception of organized labor, the well-being of the working class has rarely reached the potential they envisioned. Although the process of collective bargaining has garnered gains for the workers in the form of safer working conditions, child labor laws and shorter work weeks, the employers have always been able to withdraw their investment in the commercial enterprise and send the workers home.

There is a much lower percentage of the American population participating in the labor force than there was even 40 years ago. You cannot force people with money to invest in something they don’t want to. Job opportunities are created when people with money decide to invest in a business and employ people. When the investment does not earn a profit the investor will close the business and place their investment in something else.

The people who would be the prospective employees and benefactors of that investment need to realize that they should be just as concerned about the profitability of the business venture as the investor. Until they join the effort to do what’s necessary to encourage and nurture those investors and investments they will struggle to find the opportunities created by them.

Brad Sewell, Collinsville