Letters to the Editor

Saw it coming

Go Rams! Don’t let the door hit ewe in the ... Kroenke.

I knew St. Louis was in trouble when the Rams first announced they were moving here and Rams players were quoted as saying they had a “fear of frying.” Now, if you’re a pro football player and you have a fear of humidity, you need to get into a line of work more suitable to your delicate constitution, like, needlepoint, or hairdressing, or interior decorating.

St. Louis was going to spend over a billion dollars to build a stadium for a loser franchise. Why? They had two good seasons out of the 21 years they were here. California’s a good place for them. The best thing to come out of California was an empty bus. Now they can be dry losers. Los Angeles is now the second biggest city in the country. There are reasons why the Rams moved here in the first place. There are reasons why L.A. has been without a NFL team all these years. If the Rams wanted to move back to their home base they would have moved to Cleveland.

St. Louis needs to screen prospective owners of pro teams so that it doesn’t get losers like Bidwell and Kroenke. It seems NFL owners care a lot more about getting cities to build them the most expensive stadium than they do about winning. If Kroenke is a billionaire why does he buy “his” wigs at Dollar General.

Larry Phillips, East St. Louis