Letters to the Editor

Good news, bad news

I want to thank Stan Kroenke for taking his band of professional losers out of the area. They are going where they belong, to California, where any off the wall crap goes. They can throw their hands up and holler don’t shoot and it fits in. The Clinton County High School teams could beat the Rams.

I have some good news and some bad news. The good news is Mr. Useless-Clueless has less than a year left in office. The bad news is Hillary Rodham Clinton Obama is running for office and some of the voters that put Useless-Clueless in office are still around. I hope they wise up and turn her down. We don’t need a third Obama term and she said she will carry on his destruction. I guess if she gets in we’ll see how much it will cost us to buy chastity belts with Bill the first stud in the White House.

In the last four years our country has suffered every way possible because of the extreme embarrassments and disgrace of what’s in our White House and the lame-brained legislators tied to his apron strings. Now we are looking at more of the same. Wise up people, our country can only stand so much. Show you care and put a stop to what’s going on. Hillary, no, no, no.

Terry Hunt, Trenton