Letters to the Editor

How about helping those who helped build America?

Last May, the Teamsters’ pension fund was said to be running low on funds and I have since been sent the document which explains my cut which is around 50 percent. As they have tried to get pension bailout money from Congress and have been denied (although they want to bring thousands of refugees into this country and support them) but their own who have worked their entire life can just deal with it.

Now Obama is asking Congress for $1.8 billion to send overseas to fight the Zika virus. Obama likes to send millions overseas but won’t help the people of the United States. Whose money is he sending? The taxpayers’.

I believe the people would rather have their tax money stay in the U.S. The Congress has bailed out the automakers, railroads, airlines and banks. I am so disheartened.

Robert Garcia, Edwardsville