Letters to the Editor

More about the silver bullet

Bill Malec’s letter about classified information and a prank they played on a fellow airman by planting a bogus top secret paper on him reminded me of my own experiences in an Air Force com center. Several of our cryptographers would check the files when they came on shift to see if any recent top secret messages came in, violating the “need to know” policy.

My recent letter about the silver bullet metaphor for Hillary’s “classified” emails contradicts Malec’s view of the situation. And since the level of classification of Hillary’s emails is up for questioning, I would support my view of the whole thing with another metaphor beside the BB pellet replacement for that bullet.

My English professors who were very critical of overuse of metaphors in my college papers would red line what I am about to say, but I think the Republicans are grabbing at straws by making a tempest in a teapot about those emails and making a mountain out of a mole hill.

Ray Hollmann, Fairview Heights