Letters to the Editor

2-22-16 Sound-Off: On socialism, handicapped rides and the spy agency

Our readers react to the week’s news:

Name one

Can anybody name one socialist country that has worked?

Handicapped rides aren’t for all

This is in regard to the handicapped rides in the stores. These carts are for the handicapped, not the lazy, fat, youth or other people who do not need this service and are taking advantage of it. This is for people who are truly handicapped and cannot get through the store without assistance. Please leave the rides for them.

Mapping facility belongs in Illinois

It makes mission sense for the mapping facility to be built next to Scott Air Force Base, rather than a North St. Louis slum. However the total taxes on residents in Illinois are almost double the total taxes in Missouri. So it is doubtful many present workers would relocate to Illinois. A shame the metro-east cannot succeed from Illinois and become a part of Missouri. Might even get manufacturing jobs on this side of the river again.

I hope NGA effort fails

I hope and pray that NGA does not move over here to St. Clair County just to show Mark Kern and his brothers of corruption that they are well aware and fully understand the corruption going on in St. Clair County and they do not want any part of it. It may hurt job wise, but they need to see the bigger picture of what is going on here.

Obama and racism

I can’t stand it when I read or hear people say the reason Obama is not successful is because of racism. The fact is this is the most annoying thing about his presidency. I’m not a racist yet I do not always agree with him. But to hear these people say it, the only reason you would disagree with him is racism. They are losing the fight when they boil it down to the race card. Please when you find racism call it out. But don’t call everything racism.

Not eligible for exemption

Here we go again, St. Clair county politics at its glaring best. For the last four years, Stookey Township Supervisor, attorney David Bone has taken a senior citizen real-estate tax exemption on his home to the tune of $19,00 dollars. You must be 65 years or older to claim this exemption, he is not eligible!

Volunteering for PSOP

This is about Eugene Verdu. I’ve worked with Eugene Verdu for many years as a volunteer at the Program and Services for Older People. The difference being I was a volunteer and Verdu will end up with about three pensions from the PSOP. The only difference is I did it for no money. No matter what he says, he will always get paid for what he does for the senior citizens. That is why he loves the senior citizens so much, he loves money.

Mark all Belleville city vehicles

In the past two days I’ve seen two hig- ranking Belleville city officials driving city vehicles, not in Belleville. They claim they do not mark these vehicles in order to save money, yet they have no problem paying for markings on motorcycles, very seldom used, on boats and trailers they seldom use. I would prefer they mark all the city vehicles so we can know where our city officials are driving these and spending their money and it’s not in Belleville.

Ignored on immigration issue

Early immigrants wanting to get into the United States Port of Entry on Ellis Island were required to speak English, pass a health test, have a vocation to support themselves or they were not allowed to enter. Today we have them walking across the border, and somewhat to be expected due to their country’s problems. Why are those who want to allow any and all immigrants amnesty? We the people are being ignored.

No respect for Scalia

Justice Scalia’s body was still warm when President Obama announced he would replace Scalia as soon as possible. He has no respect for Justice Scalia, for his family. Obama puts politics above everything else, what a shame.

No grocery store

I’m calling with a news flash for Mayor Mark Eckert. People who live downtown have no grocery store of their own. If they can’t pick it up things at the Family Dollar, they go elsewhere to shop. I can tell you, as a downtown resident, my food dollar and the associated sales taxes go to Swansea. Distance wise it’s similar to the ends of Belleville where I am forced to go to if I want anything a grocery store would have. We had the BB Food World that is now the wasted Regional Education building. Who is to blame for that? Wake up in Belleville, remember it’s people like Eckert keeping your financial prosperity on hold

How many employees?

Ruler foods, how can they say they have 25 to 30 employees? Don’t they know how many employees they have? How can they fill out the verification form and send it back to the city? How can you not know?

Get active to ‘Dump Trump’

Donald Trump is unstable and unpredictable. Do you want a president that says: “Do it my way or you’re fired” Trump cannot be trusted. Get your signs in the yard and make T-shirt saying “Dump Trump”. Trump only respects himself and money.

Welcome the cats

To the caller who objects to outside feral and wild stray or community cats, because one of them guards his car. Either outdoor cats patrol or disease baring rodents will patrol. I prefer cat footprints on my car to disease baring squirrels in my attic or mice and rats in my garage.

Mascoutah gets the property tax

I’m curious how many taxpayers in District 201 realize that Green Mount Commons with Lowe’s and Walmart is in the Mascoutah School District and the property tax dollars go to Mascoutah School District, not District 201. Belleville only gets their sales tax.

What happened to the doctors?

When did doctors become unaffiliated with their hospitals? I’m in the market for a new doctor, and when I ask what hospital he went to, he says, I don’t go to the hospital, I refer you to someone. Who do they refer me to? Is this part of Obamacare?

Thrilled by Sound-Off caller

The Sound-Off male caller made my female heart of mine go flitter. But I’m not voting Democratic come next election, so Albright can cancel my seat in hell. The special place Sound-Off caller has the kind of humor I’ve been looking for in a man for a long time — what a catch. Is he old and single or widowed?

Best thing about Tuesdays

What’s the best thing about Tuesdays? Opening the BND and reading Susanne Boyle’s column. Susanne, you are the best.

It stinks

Two people who have no experience in restaurants have decided they want to be in the old Quizno’s location adjacent to another eatery. With the proper connections they were able to get the Belleville City Council to not only force the tenants out of their current location, and the city gives them thousands of dollars in tax credits to open their business. I thought the mayor was doing OK, but this stinks.