Letters to the Editor

Someone needs to step up or debt will crush us

The Democratic nominees are promising us “free stuff,” health care, education and everything else they can think of. The only thing I know that is free is the air we breath and if it is polluted, it is not free.

How will they pay for it? Simple: tax the rich, they are not paying their “fair share” and that maybe correct.

Let’s look at it at a different way.

The United States funded debt now on the Internet is $19,012,828,000,000.

Total amount of goods and services produced in the U.S. — Gross Domestic Product is $18,374,615,000,000. That leaves a debt to GDP ratio of 103.47 percent.

The federal government can tax every person getting a paycheck for a year at 100 percent and use all the money they collect to pay the debt — no defense, social security, infrastructure, nothing — and the U.S. still could not pay off all its funded debt.

This house of cards will crash. When it doesm since the U.S. still produces the most stuff in the world, we will bring the whole world down with us. This coming crash will make 2001 and 2008 look like a walk in the park.

What is the message? Clinton and Sanders are blowing smoke. The Republicans are not much better. Somebody better step up and tell us like it is and what needs to be done to solve the problem or we all will suffer. From the homeless on the street to Bill Gates.

Merle Stoecklin, Belleville