Letters to the Editor

Obama is the greatest ...

A correspondent recently suggested Barack Obama is “one of the greatest presidents this country has ever had.”

Didn’t Obama lie to America, repeatedly, about his health care program? Didn’t he tell us we could keep our insurance policies? Didn’t he tell us we could keep our doctors? I seem to remember he told those lies.

Obama has yet to utter the phrase “Islamic terrorist.” Didn’t Obama hasten to keep a tee time about six minutes after he addressed the country concerning the beheading of an American by Islamic terrorists? Didn’t Obama refuse to send a delegate to march with the rest of the world’s leaders when Islamic terrorists killed cartoonists in Paris?

Didn’t Obama say Trayvon Martin, a thug who tried to kill a block watcher, could have been his son? Didn’t Obama take the side of Michael Brown, another thug, by sending a four-person governmental delegation to the thug’s funeral?

Didn’t Obama, in pure defiance of all those who favor the true, God-ordained sanctity of marriage, light up the White House in multicolors when the Supreme Court legitimized gay marriage?

Didn’t Obama lie to the American public about the true nature of the Benghazi attack? Didn’t Obama refuse to dispatch military forces to save American lives during the Benghazi attack?

Doesn’t Obama tell the world that ISIL is contained, when ISIL is in fact mobilizing its followers in Africa and the Middle East?

Obama is one of the “greatest.” One of the greatest duds, that is.

Chris Tabing, Coulterville