Letters to the Editor

DOJ is always right

The Obama administration has developed the playbook on achieving federal government control through its equivocal workings in the Department of Justice. Consider:

1) Find a small municipality with dubious civil court practices, like Ferguson, Mo.

2) Take an inflammatory incident there, and allow some outside agitators to stir the pot.

3) Exploit the city’s response and weakness with orders that send the DOJ agent-observers to “ride-along” with local law enforcement, except,

4) Demand that DOJers be returned to a safe haven at any sign of unrest. Thus they fail to comprehend the threat and danger to citizens and local police, but,

5) Direct them document their “findings” according to some otherwise imposed formula.

6) Take many months (more than 120 days) to deliver an order of burdens that threaten the city’s ability to function, and,

7) Demand the orders be carried out with haste (60 days), shorter by far than DOJs time frame.

8) Lastly, excuse and exonerate DOJ employees on federal land in Oregon from the very act (shooting a civilian) that was used to bring Ferguson to heel.

The DOJ is right in Ferguson; the DOJ is right in Oregon. The DOJ is always right. And that is the very nature of authoritarian rule in an unquestioned totalitarian regime.

Richard Wagner, Highland