Letters to the Editor

This is a weird time

There is so much wrong now that it is hard to prioritize them all. Each party claims to have a grand plan to keep us number one. Both Rome and Germany had plans like that. This alone seems wrong, and unnecessary. If it were true, why are corporations leaving this state and the country too?

If it’s because of the greed that runs the country, why is it wrong for the government to help the powerless? We should be asking why can’t we try to help without it being called “redistribution of wealth.” That goes on every day by those on Wall Street. It’s an absolute mandate that we all pull together. The Broncos proved the power of that.

This is a weird time. Capitalists don’t judge a company successful unless they think of a way to make more money. Only sociopaths care only for themselves at the loss of others. They even have “hedge funds” that bet against making a profit for only them to survive. This is economic suicide. We are not pulling together when making others broke.

It is not patriotic to then send our young people to die for what they do. We are crazy.

Joseph M. Reichert, Belleville