Letters to the Editor

Numbers for gasoline at pump are not adding up

I was surprised to see another well-written letter pointing out all the gouging by the gasoline suppliers that are maintaining their large profit margins at our expense.

Gasoline prices continue to tumble and wholesale price are at the 95-cent a gallon mark now and a barrel of oil has come down to the $26 level. When oil was $110 a barrel, we were paying $3.79 a gallon at the pump, now a barrel of oil is $26 which is 23 percent of that mark and using that logic one would think gasoline would have come down at a similar pace which would have been around 87 cents per gallon. Prices at the pump dropped yesterday but the only reason for that was so they could jack it up even higher for the weekend to $1.69 or more.

In other areas more distant from St. Louis but buying from the same refineries are seeing a much lower price on gasoline so they can’t try and say it is the refiners’ fault. I agree with the other letter writer’s question, why isn’t there a congressman or representative scratching their head stating, “This does’t make sense.”

John Bauer, New Baden