Letters to the Editor

Senior voters are upset by proposed health cuts

Sen. Mark Kirk and Rep. Rodney Davis have my sincerest thanks for opposing cuts to the Medicare Advantage program. I trust that they will continue the good fight and stand firm in the belief that seniors deserve quality health-care options. Many seniors already pay more than they can afford for hospital stays and prescriptions because Medicare simply doesn’t cover enough. Medicare Advantage exists to give seniors an alternative for more affordable health care. Cutting the funding will increase premium payments for members and force many to look elsewhere for coverage.

I worked as a firefighter for almost 35 years. I’m also one of the lucky ones who managed to get a good insurance plan from my job after retirement in addition to Medicare. But most people aren’t so lucky. Millions of seniors depend on Medicare Advantage to allow them to receive comprehensive health care with low, or zero, premiums and reasonable co-pays. The very things that make this program so beneficial to seniors will be lost if Congress moves forward with funding cuts that force costs to rise.

I hope that our elected officials’ opposition of these cuts will persuade other members of Congress to side with them. I hope they remind their colleagues what a powerful force seniors can be at the ballot box. We represent one of the largest voting groups in America, and a large percentage of us vote regularly. I hope all of you will keep Medicare Advantage in mind when voting in this year’s elections.

David Barton, Collinsville