Letters to the Editor

Lawmakers fight to save Medicare Advantage

Seniors must stick together if we expect anything to change. Each year, policymakers in Congress try to reduce the funding for the programs that older Americans rely on. This year, the funding for the Medicare Advantage is under attack, despite the $200 billion that was cut from this program in 2010. Fortunately, Sen. Mark Kirk and Rep. Mike Bost have courageously supported seniors by opposing these cuts.

If additional cuts are made to Medicare Advantage, the seniors enrolled in Advantage plans will have to pay more for their health care coverage. If the costs associated with my senior health plan increased, I would have to limit spending in every other part of my budget. I would likely keep my furnace lower and wouldn’t be able to do the activities I enjoy. I will be 74 this year, and I still work twice a week because I’m afraid to retire. Nowadays, you can’t live on just Social Security. When I was younger, I looked forward to retiring, but it has not lived up to my expectations because the government keeps chipping away at my benefits!

Without the contributions of seniors, our nation wouldn’t be where it is today. Congress doesn’t have the right to eliminate the funding for seniors’ programs. Sen. Kirk and Rep. Bost know this is not fair. Let’s hope they can convince their colleagues to do the right thing and preserve funding for Medicare Advantage. Congress must remember that one way seniors stick together is with our votes.

Barbara Johnson, Freeburg