Letters to the Editor

Debates show why some are not fit to govern

It is a Sunday morning, and while my thoughts are still fresh on my mind, putting this down on paper to share with others seems like a good idea.

I was fortunate enough to watch the Republican debate last evening. It helped me to decide which of the candidates to vote for in the upcoming presidential election.

After watching the debate for a while, I came to understand why our nation and state leaders are failing in their duty to govern. Their lack of respect for each other, caused by whatever reasons has gotten so far out of hand, that they have forgotten why we the people have elected them to office. They have caused their personal animosity towards one another to the point of dereliction of their responsibility.

Of the six candidates, only two showed any sign of what is needed to be a good leader. These two seem to have the “right stuff” to be our president.

They displayed the proper conduct, the intelligence, and proper behavior our country needs in a president.

These two persons have shown to all the people of the world what it takes to be a leader of this great nation. I think we should give them more of an opportunity to be heard.

They are John Kasich and Ben Carson.

Robert Emery, Collinsville