Letters to the Editor

Homeowners have a friend

As a St. Clair County homeowner of 24 years, we’ve seen our property tax assessments rise steadily. Had it not been for County Board member John West, we’d still be paying exceedingly more than actual value. We first became aware in 2009 of John’s invaluable assistance to homeowners wishing to appeal. From forums in the O’Fallon Community Park Pavilion, Public Safety Building, and local restaurant meeting rooms to home visits, John West educates and helps homeowners in the sometimes complex appeal process.

Additionally, we’ve witnessed John canvassing neighborhoods to gather voters’ inputs and stump for candidates that would represent as conscientiously and responsibly as John. And, if there were an issue that John felt another might better assist, he made the contact and arranged the meeting.

John West truly cares about helping people; and, I know he feels that way regardless of party affiliation. I wish more representatives were cut from the same cloth. We are grateful for John West’s help, expertise, caring, and that he’s our County Board member.

Please join me in voting for John West, St. Clair County Board, Tuesday, March 15.

David Taylor, O’Fallon