Letters to the Editor

Developments in Collinsville

Manager/council is the title of the current Collinsville form of government. It operates with only four elected council persons and an elected mayor also acting as chairman. It was in 1990 that the city changed to this form. In the meantime a dozen city managers have been hired. In 2014 former Chief of Police Scott Williams took the manager job and was terminated in 2015 after the two new council members were elected. One was the city clerk Williams was investigating.

The Belleville News-Democrat requested the records of the investigation and was denied but obtained them on appeal. Good for the BND. The city was conducting the people’s business and the people have a right to know. City legal fees are also involved and according to past practices should become public records by Feb. 29.

Another improvement opportunity was brought to the attention of our city council about chairman mayor John Miller interrupting a speaker as he was addressing the council. The mayor asked if he was accusing him of being corrupt. Not only does Federal Freedom of Speech provide protection by calling a chairman corrupt but as of 2011 so does Illinois law that may not forbid speakers from “personal” comment. That includes boards and commissions and any other local bodies.

Bob DesPain, Collinsville