Letters to the Editor

A January ordeal

Jan. 6-20, no heat, no hot water to shower or cook. Ameren said testing showed I had a gas leak under my house. Shut gas off and disconnected meter.

Coming down sick. Age Smart Resources got a company to come out and find leak. Guess what, Ameren? There was no leak under house or inside house. Faulty pressure gauge on Ameren’s part.

Thank you so much Age Smart. Thanks to two female employees at the BND for calling me with two names and numbers of people that wanted to help me. Albert, my friend, thank you for trying to help.

Judy MacNutt, thanks for not returning my call. My bank, The Bank of Edwardsville, thank you for all your concern of well-being. It means a lot to me. I thought I was going to freeze to death at night.

Mark Kern your grants department slammed the door in my face and this was an emergency. People, you may think I look good physically, but inside my body is a train wreck.

And since I know nothing about computers, I can’t start a “Go Fund Me Account” to buy a car. I can’t walk to the laundromat or grocery stores, or any other places.

I’m just another poor person trying to survive who never asks for much. For people who are well off financially be thankful. It’s no fun having severe physical limitations knowing you can’t do any more than you could being younger.

Harold Griffin, Belleville