Letters to the Editor

But what about gasoline?

Recently in the news there was a report over the furor over Dunkin Donuts overcharging by taxing certain non-taxable items. This amounted small amounts of money perhaps pennies and people blew up.

No one does or says anything about being overcharged for gasoline. The Dunkin Donuts situation appears to be a software glitch that was taxing those items unnecessarily, it didn’t appear that it was an intentional act to gouge their customers like the gasoline and big oil industry.

The gas and oil industry has been making billions in profits off the backs of people trying to make it from paycheck to paycheck. Now they are in a position to lower the cost of gasoline to much needed and much lower prices than we have experienced in the last few years but they don’t stay at the same percentage margin and are actually making the same dollars of profit they were when oil and gasoline were at those highs from a few years back.

Why is it OK for big oil to charge high prices and people go overboard when charged a few pennies too much for minuscule items. It doesn’t make any sense at all. A gallon of gasoline is selling for under $1 wholesale and oil is down around $26 a barrel. In 2014 oil was selling for $110 a barrel and gas at $3.79 a gallon. If gasoline sold today were to be sold following that same ratio, we should be paying $.87 per gallon.

John Bauer, New Baden