Letters to the Editor

Support NGA move to Scott AFB

The smart action of Illinois citizens is to sign a petition that recommends only the relocation of the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency to rebuild on hundreds of free acres at Scott Air Force Base. There are so many more pros than cons that this is the correct thing to do. The biggest “con” at this time is to “suggest naming the site after our most famous former senator and current president” as proposed by Mr. Gibson.

The folks in the Republican state of Missouri want to keep the NGA and we in the Democratic state of Illinois want it relocated. To put a Democratic spin now on an organization that belongs to St. Louis is not a good way to influence anybody. Let’s keep such a politically negative suggestion out of the Washington bigwigs’ relocation decision. This relocation recommendation needs the support from both parties in Missouri, Illinois and in D.C.

The NGA is a perfectly good name. Leave it alone.

Don Fizer, Albers