Letters to the Editor

What’s wrong with the country

The letter from Lee Pitzer is a prime example of what’s wrong with the country. No one is held responsible for their actions anymore. Mr. Pitzer’s liberal thinking is virtually the same as getting rid of the automobile because of the more than 50,000 deaths associated with car accidents every year. The danger with ideology from the likes of Pitzer is that their only solutions entail chipping away or eliminating our rights without producing any alternative strategy that guarantees the elimination of the undesirable problem they complain about.

If you’ve kept abreast of recent news from our current liberal brain trusts in the Obama administration, they want to reduce the prison population. How many times have you witnessed on the news people on probation arrested for committing more crimes and given probation again?

Crooks are going to illegally obtain guns with or without gun laws. There are laws already on the books put there by liberal thinking people like you Mr. Pitzer to accomplish exactly what you’re concerned about. All these laws have done is restrict the rights of law-abiding citizens. Now you want to take away more rights from law-abiding citizens without presenting us with any credibility that your ideas will work. Mr. Pitzer, whatever happened with the punishment fitting the crime?

Here’s my solution. I challenge you to prove it won’t work. Any person or persons who are convicted of utilizing a gun during the commission of a crime gets the death penalty.

Larry Price, Belleville