Letters to the Editor

The death of intelligent debate

Intelligent debate seems to be lost nowadays. Letter writers and online commentators have determined that name-calling, insults, vulgar language, stating opinions as facts, telling half-truths, repetitive rhetoric, etc., are the means to lead others to their point of view. None of this is necessary; just state your opinions without any reference to any source or person.

IMHO, all writers just address their point of view, including the news media(s), websites (including .gov., .org, .edu as well as .com). Reporters, bloggers, professors, scientists, politicians, et al., are each opinionated and only express their point of view, only that which they want you to believe, not the whole truth/facts. “Breaking news” seems to be one of the biggest offenders; the reporters serve up a little information at a time and rarely, if ever, give you the complete story.

Bottom line: we all have different views to which we are entitled; respect each other and look for their message without any emotional response on your part; express your opinions in the online comment section of the BND addressing only the writer’s message, not your differing opinion. Online commentators should express their own opinions in a “letter to the editor,” not in online comments.

Jerry Morence, Highland