Letters to the Editor

Deficit spending still increases debt

Thanks Gene Robke. Your letter praising Obama and not listing any accomplishments was hilarious. Loved how you worked the racist angle in a couple of times. When you play the race card Gene, everyone knows you’ve lost the argument.

Gene, like most lefties, you don’t grasp the difference between deficit and debt. Deficit spending is still increasing debt no matter what. The CBO (Congressional Budget Office) projects Obama will double our nation’s debt by the time he leaves office, from $10 trillion to $20 trillion. Just think, Obama will have racked up more debt in eight years than all other presidents combined. Now there is an accomplishment set by Obama no one will break. Say, didn’t Obama claim he was going to reduce out debt?

Review the CBO’s annual deficit spending projects for the next 10 years, and you will notice an explosion in deficit spending. The CBO always underestimates their projections, so it will be worse. One reason for the ballooning deficits will be because the high costs of Obummercare will finally start hitting the budget. Our nation’s debt will also significantly expand, thanks to eight years of good old Obama spending and lack of accomplishments. Just look at Japan, Gene!

Peter Hill, Swansea