Letters to the Editor

Eliminate testing centers

Recently the BND reported that the Illinois EPA would not send out notices for emissions testing and that Illinois Secretary of State would allow untested vehicles to receive license plates renewal. Secretary of State declares that residents would be burdened.

The Illinois lawmakers have put an unnecessary burden on drivers when these laws were enacted. The discriminatory practice to force some vehicle owners to participate in testing and not all vehicle owners is clearly discrimination. Many low-income citizens of Illinois cannot afford repairs on their vehicles and are therefore forced to park their only transportation.

With our state in financial disrepair, now is the time for our local legislators to act and introduce legislation to close the costly and ineffective testing centers. These centers are just another intrusive arm of our state government and a burden to residents. The cost to Illinois residents for this unnecessary, discriminatory, and forced regulation is $50 million per year. Isn’t it time for our state to get back to some common sense governing?

Kevin Sheridan, Fairview Heights