Letters to the Editor

Judicial nominees

The Republicans have told President Obama that they will not consider anyone he nominates to replace Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia. They say they think the nomination should wait until the presidential election is over and the new president inaugurated.

The Democrats are screaming bloody murder even though they were the ones who, in 1960, passed a resolution that said they didn’t want President Eisenhower to nominate anyone for the court. They wanted to wait until after the 1960 election and let the next president have that honor.

I guess it depends on whose ox is gored how the Democrats feel about something like that. Maybe, the Republicans should let the president nominate somebody and then “bork” whomever it is.

Don’t know what “bork” means? Go back to the year 1986 when President Reagan nominated Judge Robert Bork to replace retiring Justice Lewis Powell. Within an hour of his nomination (July first,) Ted Kennedy was on the Senate floor claiming that Bork was in effect Satan incarnate. Between Kennedy and Joe Biden (head of the Senate Judiciary Committee,) they completely destroyed Judge Bork and his nomination was rejected on October 6, 1986.

Then President Reagan nominated Judge Antonin Scalia to replace Justice Powell.

Bob Walter, Glen Carbon