Letters to the Editor

Response to a letter

Retired Air Force Col. Bill Malec must have run out of other subjects to comment on as he is now castigating the president for being soft on minor drug offenders. Malec attempts to muddy the water by combining the president’s pledge of keeping America safe to his program of reducing our bloated prison population. The presidents pledge was primarily directed at our threats from abroad, not at any threat that could be caused by releasing minor drug offenders before they became hardened criminals because of the prison experience.

Malec goes on to accuse the president of “being more focused on the rights of prisoners over non-prisoners.” Such a charge is totally unsubstantiated and just because the president addresses an issue does not mean it has a higher priority to him than something more compelling. Malec then rambles on in a opaque diatribe that includes advice the president should have garnered from watching Breaking Bad, as if our president doesn’t have more important things to do. Malec’s last sentence in his letter is particularly confusing but it may be the fault of sloppy editing.

Lee Pitzer, O’Fallon