Letters to the Editor

Time to raise the bar

For the last 30 plus years the children in East St. Louis School District 189 have been subjected to manipulation, oppression and exploitation by some of the current and ex-employees and administrators in the district. The current state of affairs regulated by the leaders in this district have kept generations of children in a perpetual revolving door of failure. The test scores for the last 30 years is proof positive that generations of children do not have the skills to succeed in the future.

Many parents in District 189 have as much blame for this situation as do the leaders of this district. As test scores continually fall and salaries, bonuses, benefits and cronyism continues to rise the oppression increases. When will parents rise up against the status quo of this dysfunction and elect responsible, ethical and righteous school board members? All too often we here the phrase “call to action” but, there is never any action. Until the parents stand up against the current culture of corruption their children will be less likely to succeed. Based on the last 30 years of test scores and the new PARRC testing only 3 out of 100 children are ready for the challenges that face them in their next step of the educational system.

Isn’t it time to raise the bar and empower our youth or is it going to remain the same?

Kevin Sheridan, Fairview Heights