Letters to the Editor

The cat wins

I’ve never written a reply to a newspaper but the sheer stupidity displayed by the brain dead, Neanderthal, idiot complaining of having to wash their car daily because cats climb on it at night leaving muddy paw prints behind ... I couldn’t hold back.

What rock did you crawl out from? Anyone with half a brain and an ounce of common sense knows that cats climb, crawl, pounce, hunt, stalk and scratch everything. It’s called a natural instinct they’ve had for thousands of years. And you want them to be confined indoors.

If you have the money for a new car, and the time to wash paw prints off you new car daily, why don’t you invest $50 in a car cover or build an enclosed garage? Your letter is one of the most eye opening, stupidest things I’ve ever read. I pray that you don’t have pets or children. You are a classic (Darwin) example.

The fact that you keep washing your car is hilarious knowing the next morning outcome. It reminds me of Tom and Jerry sitting on the fence laughing at the dumb neighbors. Seems to me like it’s cats 1 — you 0.

Roger Kennedy, Red Bud