Letters to the Editor

2-29-16 Sound-Off: Letters fill a void, pope wrong about Trump

Our readers react to the week’s news:

Letters are beneficial

As a retired psychologist I find the letters to the editor beneficial, informative, and interesting and reveal much about the authors who contribute frequently. A couple contributors write in an effort to make positive changes in local governing bodies. A few are passionately committed to social issues. Other letter writers just crave attention, and for those, the letter section is therapeutic and fills a void.

Another endorsement for Trump?

The Council for Native Americans is considering endorsing Trump; apparently they believe his ideas regarding ridding the country of unwanted immigrants have merit.

Pope was wrong about Trump

The pope was wrong about Trump when he said, “If you build walls and not bridges you are not a Christian”. Trump has always said there will be a door in that wall for legal immigration, which is a bridge. What is not being a Christian is letting priests sexually assault children for years and while you hold a very high position in the Catholic Church as a bishop and a cardinal, and the church ignoring it and covering it up for years. Then after the pope chastises Trump for wanting to build a wall, he flies home to his walled in Vatican. All I can say to the pope is to paraphrase a great president, “Mr. Pope tear down your wall.”

Why locate in a problem area?

The mapping company that is deciding between the Missouri and Illinois location, why would you want to locate in a “duck and shoot” area in North St. Louis and subject your employees to that kind of an area? Because St. Louis is not going to clean up that mess, the gangs, lootings, car jackings and the killings. The sitting president through his justice department has tied the hands of the police departments. Not only in the “duck and shoot” area of St. Louis, but all over the United States. Build the mapping company in Illinois.

Not slander if it’s true

I don’t have a dog in the Cheryl Brombolich fight, but I grew up in Collinsville. She mentions slander a number of times and casts the accusation that those people in City Hall ousted her. I think she needs to know it’s not slander, if it’s true.

Family patronage

Reading about Cheryl Brombolich in the paper is like listening to some of the names in East St. Louis, the Mosbys, the Greens and everybody else down there. Just the family patronage system in Collinsville, not much different than what you have in St. Clair County, too.

Hate group

The Democratic Party is the world’s most successful hate group. It attracts poor people who hate rich people. Back people who hate white people. Gay people who hate straight people, feminists who hate men and environmentalists who hate the internal combustion engine. And, a lot of bratty college students who hate their parents. And, let’s not forget the journalists who hate Republicans and Libertarians and work tirelessly to convince the rest of us to vote for the Democrats.

Not crying for the Teamsterws

It’s interesting to see in the paper articles referring to the demise of the Teamsters’ pension fund. I don’t think the government should bail anyone out. Taxpayers should not be forced to pay for their screw-ups. They had plenty of money in the Teamsters’ account to donate to the political campaigns of others. Plus how much money did they lose through Jimmy Hoffa’s antics and the Teamsters’ involvement out in Vegas? It’s their fault that the pension fund is insolvent, not the taxpayers.

Enforce the law

Non-handicapped people using the motorized carts in grocery stores and reserved parking spaces is an ongoing problem. Mr. Clay, handicapped accessibility is for handicapped people. When are you going to start enforcing these laws? Read the law, police chief, and start enforcing it, or resign if you can’t enforce the law.

Don’t hang up on me

I contacted Dick Durbin’s office in Washington, D.C., and said how I don’t think it’s correct for Obama to basically not attend the funeral of Anthony Scalia. I thought it was outrageous. One of the staffers in Dick Durbin’s office hung up on me. I called the Springfield office and told them I don’t expect anyone who works for the state, to hang up on any constituent, because I do vote, I do pay taxes and Mr. Durbin, I hope you enjoy your retirement.

City credit cards

In response to the Collinsville worker that put personal purchases on the city credit cards, why do they not have credit cards that are associated with the individual and then that individual submits an expense report and then have it approved before it is paid for by the credit card company? Many business work that way. They pay via expense reports. If the purchase was not business related, they are not reimbursed. She should have been fired before she resigned.

Why is it?

Why is it the government can provide benefits based on gender and race, make employment decisions based on gender and race, pay local lawyers in non-tax benefits, give property tax breaks to some but not others?

More parking

Have I looked at the calendar incorrectly? Is it April Fool’s Day? Is Mid-America Airport considering additional parking? Let’s reconsider more concrete on that wonderful farmland —569 long-term spots for parking are just fine for now.

Port of East St. Louis

Interesting article for the Port of Mid America, whatever happened to the Port of East St. Louis? That was started and stopped and started again. As I recall, hundreds of thousands of dollars were given to the City of East St. Louis to establish the port. Is that more money that has just gone into the hands of crooked contractors and officials of East St. Louis? How about an update on the Port of East St. Louis.

Dangerous drivers

We don’t have any power in Highland and these stupid people driving are running right through the stop lights that are on flashing red. What is the matter with you people? A city salt truck with a snow plow runs right through the flashing light. Aren’t the employees trained on hazardous road conditions?

St. Clair County judges

It’s not only pathetic about the three judges seeking reelection through questionable means. And now the case with Judge Fiss, who doesn’t do anything to this multi-felon who took the life of a young kid. It’s getting ridiculous with these judges in St. Clair County. All of them need to be removed from the bench.

Activity in Caseyville

Is there a media blackout in the Village of Caseyville? There are a lot of things going on down there and not a lot of news coverage. Be nice to have someone cover the meetings from time to time. Mayor Black is doing a lot of things that need to be recorded to the public, the public has a right to know.

Please clarify

I agree with what Bob Romanik says about corruption in the metro-east, yet he is always concerning when he talks about how he would not turn on his friends and went to jail. I guess that is fine if they weren’t doing anything wrong or didn’t impact taxpayers. But I do wonder what he would do for his friends in office. Mr. Romanik please clarify because I feel like it is what people in office do for their friends that has destroyed so much of our community.